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New Age Pet Bunk Style Dog House – Extra Large

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The ecoFLEX Bunk Style Dog House is the perfect outdoor shelter for your dog. Insulated to keep your dog cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. Dog House is paintable. Door Flap sold separately.

Better than wood, better than plastic, the best of both. Buy it Once, But it Right! ecoChoice! Designed to be best for your pet’s health, and the best for you!

  • Extremely durable ecoFLEX material lasts for years
  • 10-year warranty
  • Easy to assemble, no tools required
  • Can be easily painted
  • Flow-through ventilation and elevated from the ground with step-in design
Exterior (in) Interior (in) Door (in)
Size L | W | H L | W | H W | H
L 36.2 | 31.1 | 34.8 31.5 | 23.6 | 31.5 14.0 | 18.0
XL 43.5 | 34.8 | 37.8 39.4 | 28.0 | 34.4 16.0 | 19.5

Parts List

  • 16 Wall Panels
  • 4 Wall Columns
  • 4 Door Frames
  • 4 Floor Panels
  • 4 Roof Panels
  • 4 Roof Side Rails
  • 1 Roof Top Rail
  • (A)X3 Floor Support Bar
  • (B)X12 Thumb Screw & Nuts (may come in one or two colors, vary by model)
  • (C)X2 Roof Rail End Cap


Assemble on a hard, flat surface. Once assembled, you can easily move the dog house to the location desired.

Sort the parts in sequence. We know you are eager to dive in, but spending a moment lay our the parts by ascending numbers will save you time and frustration later on.

Note the difference of the panel edges. For all wall, roof and floor panels, one edge has lip, the other edge has groove. During assembly, the grooved edge is always facing downward (excepfor the floor panels).

Note the difference of the two sides of panels. As a general rule, the flat side is facing inside the house, and the washed side is facing outside.

Cleaning Instruction:

It is very important to keep the dog house clean for the benefit of your beloved pet. The Easy to Assemble design of all NewAgePet homes will be appreciated when it is time to clean your pet’s home.

Remove one side of the roof panels by reversing the last 3 steps of the assembly instruction. You now have access to the entire inside of the house.

We recommend using a detergent with strong grease cutting capabilities and safe to use around you, your kids and your pet. After washing, rinse and then wipe down the panels. Don’t forget to clean the inside of the roof panels. Allow the interior to air dry thoroughly and reassemble. Once the house is clean and dry, re-assemble the roof panels.

Painting Instruction:

Tape of all pins/connectors and keyhole slots. Be sure to keep paint off and out of these areas to make assembly easy.

Prime all surfaces that you want to paint with a primer that is to be used with exterior latex paint. Priming is not a requirement but it is highly recommended. It will provide better coverage when you apply the paint and your paint job will last longer and look better.

After the primer has dried-check the instructions on the primer to determine the time between application of the primer and when it is ready for paint-apply a minimum of 2 coats of a good to better quality exterior latex based paint.

You can paint the roof and side panels different colors. As well, the vertical stiles can be a different color than the horizontal field. If you are going to paint, get creative!

Allow the panels to DRY COMPLETELY before you assemble the house.

Staining Instruction:

Tape off all pins/connectors and keyhole slots. Be sure to keep paint off and out of these areas to make assembly easy.

Use a good to better quality oil based stain for the job. Let the stain set for about 5-7 minutes and wipe off the excess stain. If the color is lighter than the effect you are looking for repeat until you get the color you want.

Allow the panels to DRY COMPLETELY before you assemble the house



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