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New Age Pet Outdoor Feral Cat House

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This ecoFLEX Outdoor Cat House is the perfect shelter for feral (stray) cats. Keep your outdoor kitties safe from the elements.

Albany outdoor feral cat house is perfect for cats that need shelter from the elements. This house will withstand the elements and provide comfort and security to outdoor cats. Best of all, it’s made of ecoFLEX which is a composite blend of recycled polymers and reclaimed post-industrial poplar waste and by-products.

  • ecoFLEX collection
  • Air vents and floor drains are standard
  • Easy to clean with a garden hose
  • Looks like wood, paints and stains like wood
  • 2 Entry and exit points that outdoor cats need
  • Weather resistant, moisture proof and insect free
  • Wood polymer composite
  • Door flaps can be added
  • Removable roof: Yes
  • Heated pad can be easily placed inside
  • Dimension: 20in X 22in X 20in

Part List

  • 1 Front Panel
  • 2 Side Wall Panels
  • 4 Long Thumb Screw
  • 1 Back Panel
  • 1 Table Top
  • 1 Floor Panel
  • 4 Thumb Screw

It is very important to keep the cat shelter clean for the health of the cat. ecoFLEX non-absorbent quality and easy-to-assemble design will be appreciated when it’s time to clean.

Remove the roof panels by reversing the last step of the assembly instruction. Now you have the access to the entire inside of the shelter.

For a quick cleaning, simply wipe the inside and outside of the cat house with a wet sponge or cloth. When a deep cleaning is needed, we recommend using a detergent with strong grease cutting capabilities and safe to use around you, your kids and your pets. Then rinse off the detergent with garden hose. Allow the interior to dry thoroughly before reassembling the roof panels. A deep cleaning is recommend twice a year to keep the cat shelter clean and keep the cats healthy


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