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Simplicam Security Camera

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Detects humans. Ignores distractions.

No one wants their phone to get overwhelmed with alerts. Shouldn’t your camera know the difference between someone breaking in and a branch moving outside? We solved the “camera-cried-wolf” problem. SimpliCam’s intelligent detection algorithms are calibrated to detect the unique heat signature of humans, so the alerts you get are the ones that matter.

Flawless Streaming

What good is HD video if it’s choppy, grainy and slow? Here’s a secret. To get crystal clear video, you need more than HD resolution. SimpliCam’s secret sauce is its compression. Our engineers developed a “variable bitrate compression algorithm,” which is a geeky way of saying that with SimpliCam you get crystal clear HD video that loads quickly and plays smooth.

Serious privacy protection

SimpliCam was built with a stainless steel privacy shutter to give you complete control over your privacy. The privacy shutter only opens with your permission. It protects your video feed with the same level of encryption used by banks to protect their accounts.

Open Box. Plug it in. Protect your home.

Set up your SimpliCam in under 5 minutes. >> Plug it in >> Download the app >> Connect to Wifi

SimpliSafe’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Test out the SimpliCam. If you aren’t 100% delighted, call us within 60 days for a full refund and let us pay for return shipping.


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